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What we offer

What we offer

The aim of our center is to help people recognise and understand the reasons behind the difficulties they struggle with and find the hidden meaning of repetitive patterns of behaviour and symptoms. The consultations are an opportunity for a patient to get acquainted with the nature of the psychoanalytic process based on understanding the unconscious communication of the internal world. Our center provides culturally competent health care services to every patient, regardless of your race, ethnicity and cultural background. We pay additional attention to the process connected with adaptation which can result in cultural shock.   

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Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a therapeutical technique and theory derived from Freudian psychoanalysis. What differs it from traditional psychoanalysis is a number of sessions: in traditional psychoanalysis 4-5 and in psychoanalytic psychotherapy 2-3 per week. Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy are sometimes described as the talking cure. It is an intensive treatment process that requires active participation rather than giving advice and prescribing medications. The relationship with the therapist is important as it provides an opportunity to examine the internal world of the patient's ways of thinking and behaviours in how they perceive reality.




People who experience any of the following problems may be suitable for psychoanalytical psychotherapy:

  • personality disorders

  • problem in relationships

  • eating disorders

  • sexual difficulties

  • depression

  • somatic problems which are medically unexplained

  • trauma

  • anxiety

  • obsessive-compulsive behaviours

About us

About us

Katarzyna Lenda-Woźniak

I am a psychologist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist working with adults and families. I lead psychotherapy in both the Polish and English language. I have more than 16  years of experience in my private practice as well as in 

The  Personality Disorder Treatment Ward in the  Babinki Hospital. I studied in The Krakow School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, where I am currently a lecturer. I am a supervisor and training therapist in the Polish Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy as well as in The Hanna Segal Institute. I am certified psychotherapist in the Polish Psychological Association after finishing a comprehensive course of systemic family therapy. (number of my licence 159). I’ve gained a lot of experience by attending plenty of conferences workshops seminars and supervisions both in Polish and English. I am under the supervision of a British psychoanalyst. 


Katarzyna Dewera

I am Psychotherapist and Psychologist working at the dr. Babinski Hospital at the Personality Disorders Treatment Unit (OLZON) and have the private practice leads individual, couples and marriage psychotherapy, both in Polish and English language. I completed the 4-year comprehensive course of psychodynamic psychotherapy accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association (PTP). I have been studying psychoanalytic psychotherapy, since 2021 at the Kraków School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (KSPP). I work with patients in a psychoanalytic approach. My education background includes degrees received in Poland as well as in the United States: the Montclair State University (College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, BA in Psychology), the Rutgers State University (School of Social Work, Master Degree in Social Work, MSW) and the Jagiellonian University - (In Institiute of Pedagogy/Resocjalizacja).

Gaining professional experience in the United States, I conducted individual therapy for students and college staff at the Centenary College Counseling Center. Additionally, I worked as a case manager with clients diagnosed with mental disorders, disabilities, and long-term diseases at the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association) and managed the Senior and Veteran Day Care Facility for the Catholic Charities of USA (CCUSA). I possess the State of New Jersey School Social Worker certificate and worked for the Board of Education in the State of New Jersey as a member of the Child Study Team for students with emotional disturbances and learning disabilities. In Poland, I worked for the IB International School as a psychology teacher and psychotherapist at the Malopolskie Centrum Psychoterapii. I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous post-graduate trainings and workshops both in the United States and Poland. I work under the supervision.

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Anna Kaczmarska- Maderak

Anna Kaczmarska-Maderak, M.A. psychologist, psychotherapist, Jagiellonian University graduate.

I have been running my private practice since 2006. I hold individual therapy for adults. The therapeutic approach I specialise in is psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

My education background includes: The Cracow School of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, The Comprehensive Course of Systemic Family Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy (completed at the University Medical College, Kraków) and Solution-Focused Approach in Therapy and Counselling (Fontys University, The Netherlands). I have completed more than 14 training years within t psychological assistance and therapy.

I have gathered my clinical experience working as a psychotherapist at The Cracow Institute of Psychotherapy, The Malta Centre for Disabled Children and their Families, as well during my clinical internships at The University Hospital in Kraków (Outpatient Department for Adult Individuals with Neurotic Disorders, Family Therapy Unit)

I am a member of the Polish Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and the Polish Psychiatry Association. I work under supervision of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy supervisors.

I offer help in dealing with neurotic disorders, personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders, fobia as well as in problems arising due to life crises or relationship difficulties.

As an English-speaking therapist (Certificate of Proficiency in English) I offer counselling and psychotherapy for foreigners living in a different country to assist them in personal problems or in problems related to the process of adaptation to the host country (adaptation challenges, expat adjustment cycle, culture shock, change management etc).

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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Center

Katarzyna Lenda-Wozniak +48 505-977-711

Katarzyna Dewera +48 570-877-000

Anna Kaczmarska-Maderak +48 603-266-193

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Center 
Fałata 9/20, 30-118 Kraków

Studencka 25/17, 31-116 Kraków


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